Customer Testimonials

One of the highlights from working on projects is when customers take the time to write a little testimonial on what it has been like working together:

“I hired Nicola to help me with my marketing strategy, I found her to be helpful, approachable and full of really great and practical ideas to help me in my business.  If you are looking for easy to follow help then I would definitely recommend Nicola from Almanac Marketing.”

–  Sofi Freijeiro-Armitage, Owner and Founder, Lime Blue VA

“Nicola is an exceptional marketing talent. She possesses that rare combination of creativity and intellect that makes her work shine, not to mention a mastery of the software tools of her trade. She’s articulate, confident, and professional.

Just as importantly, Nicola is keenly attuned to the sales process, and understands how to assess requirements, and then create the right marketing tools for the job at hand. She delivers projects quickly, from concept to execution, with minimal oversight. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicola for anyone looking to improve their marketing.”

– Jerry Zeephat, Solution Manager, NCR Corporation

“Nicola is the Bo Jackson of marketing communications.  From designing compelling sales presentations to drafting customer case studies and brochures, she can do it all – very well.  She is resourceful, efficient and multi-talented, consistently exceeding expectations on projects large and small.”

– Caroline Rose, Communications, NCR Corporation

“Nicola’s professionalism, speed, marketing guidance and support have all been exceptional.  Her communication is always clear and she simply gets things done which is exactly what we needed as a rapidly growing business.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an all-round marketing asset.”

– Alex Eachus, Sales Manager, Sigma Seven

“Nicola is a sales enablement super-star! She worked directly for me for 18 months and was consistently a high-performer. She is results driven, customer focused and widely loved by customers and her peers. On top of all of her accomplishments, she always has a positive attitude and smile on her face.”

– Michelle Fischer, Vice President Travel Strategy and Marketing, NCR Corporation

“Need marketing communications tools that resonate with your audience? That are well-written, professionally designed and presented?  Nicola is diligent in drafting the content and getting the value proposition, messaging, positioning – that is, the story – right,  and then has the talent to take that content and design the tools that you need to turn prospects into customers. She can do it all: websites, brochures, case studies, white papers, product sheets, sales presentations, blog postings, tweets, etc. Her work ethic is unmeasurable, and her creativity, efficiency, and resourcefulness priceless.”

– Linda Saye, Senior Marketing Programs Manager, NCR Corporation

“With Almanac Marketing and Nicola, you will get three P’s – Practical, Powerful and on Point.  Practical because the marketing strategy, campaigns and resulting materials are the right size for the task at hand and never oversized.  Powerful because you get the desired results of attracting attention, capturing the consumer and getting them to act. On Point because the materials you get are simple and effective – not only do you understand them, but more importantly, your customers do.”

– Michael J. Boyd, CITP, Partner, NCR Professional Services