Get the most from your marketing.

A clear marketing strategy; effective social media programmes; engaging sales materials; and an ever-growing number of marketing channels to consider.  Marketing can be overwhelming at the best of times and for many small companies, a full-time marketing resource isn’t always financially possible.

That’s where Almanac Marketing can help.

I’ll work closely with you to figure out what your marketing needs are, making sure they’re completely in-line with your wider business objectives.  Almanac Marketing has a tried and tested methodology to ensure maximum value is delivered.  I will:

Listen to your specific requirements.  Every company is unique and has different marketing needs and budgets.  I’ll ensure an individual solution is created with these needs in mind to drive success, and ultimately, sales.

Collaborate with you and your stakeholders to create a marketing strategy that works for everyone involved.

Implement the strategy to deliver the agreed tools, services and plans within your budget, timeframe and resources.

Review the strategy and marketing process at regular intervals providing clear updates and measurable performance metrics.  This will guide the execution of your strategy to ensure you achieve the best results.

Promise that my dealings with you will be open, honest and transparent.

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