Part 2: Two examples of great social media campaigns: Cuckoo’s Bakery

Halloween cupcakes

I’m particularly excited (and salivating) to be talking about Cuckoo’s Bakery, my little local cupcake shop and their brilliant use of social media, especially during Halloween this year.

I know the whole pregnant women/cupcake thing is a cliché but I tell you now, no one was more surprised than I when my daughter was born and wasn’t at least 50% red velvet given the number I scoffed prior to her arrival this year. (Red velvet is indeed my favourite flavour should I start taking cupcakes as payment in exchange for marketing services in the future).

One of the great things that Cuckoo’s Bakery does on their Facebook page is continually update it with juicy, sumptuous photos of their beautifully crafted cupcakes. This Halloween was no exception and I must say, they went all out. I mean, just check out their ‘Snot your business’ and ‘Something eary’ specials. Wonderful! (If not slightly gross.)

Cuckoo Bakery cupcake

‘Snot your business

Each photo really encourages their audience to interact with them through comments, shares and likes and even checking-in when they visit the actual shop. In fact, as a business, photos are the best way to engage your audience. Research published by eMarketer found that photos account for 75% of content posted by Facebook pages worldwide and they receive a whopping 87% interaction rate from fans. No other post type (e.g. link, video etc) received more than 4% interaction rate, which is pretty spectacular.

Another thing Cuckoo’s Bakery is really good at is responding to people’s comments on their page. No one likes to be ignored and if a fan is praising you, your product or service, recognise it! Send them a simple thank you. It’s all about building positive relationships and an on-going rapport with your audience.

Over the past couple of posts we’ve looked at two great examples of social media campaigns from two very different companies: Always’ #likeagirl and Cuckoo’s Bakery Halloween Facebook activity (Qantas and Air New Zealand’s World Cup antics have made it in there too). So what could you apply to your own business? The key takeaways are:

  • Make it relevant. And the only way to do this is if you really know your audience. Make sure whatever you’re posting is useful or at least entertaining for them. #likeagirl ad struck a chord with pretty much every woman and girl who saw it and was particularly poignant for mothers and fathers of daughters.
  • Size doesn’t always matter. You don’t need a ground-breaking, high profile, socially disruptive global campaign to be an online success (although, of course, it does help). Developing and maintaining a good relationship with your customers and making a bit of effort during key times (e.g. Halloween, industry events, holidays, sports events, industry news, company milestones, the latest #trend…) are equally important and can go a long way to growing your audience, increasing website traffic and ultimately gaining new customers.
  • Use photos.Picture
  • Respond to comments. Be generous with your time and responses. Your audience will thank you for it and your brand will really benefit from the injection of personality.
  • Make the most of your different social media channels. Always created the #likeagirl video and went on to promote it on YouTube, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter which spread like wildfire, being shared on Pinterest, Google+, tumblr, Instagram and more.  If you’ve spent ages creating some good content, whether it’s an infographic, blog post or white paper, be sure to use all communication channels at your disposal to promote it (remember to tailor you posts to each channel, what might be suitable for Twitter might not work for say, LinkedIn).
  • Be yourself. What makes both Always’ and Cuckoo’s Bakery campaigns work is that they’re are unashamedly them. Their message, style, tone of voice, photos and responses aren’t trying to be anyone else. You may need time to figure out what your business’ social style is but once done, you can really run with it!

Cupcake photos courtesy of Cuckoo’s Bakery Facebook page.