Good sports: Qantas go ‘All Blacks’ after losing World Cup Twitter bet with Air New Zealand

One of my friends posted this story on Facebook the other day and I loved it. It’s just such a great example of how 2 brands managed to use social media for some fun, friendly, competitive banter, entertained their audiences, gained a whole host of new followers and made global headlines in the process.

It was pretty hard not to get caught up in all the Rugby World Cup excitement over the past couple of months. It was also nice to see a sport not blighted by hooliganism and not dubiously run by the likes of Blatter and Ecclestone. And it seemed that Air New Zealand and Qantas really got into the spirit of things when they started some competitive tweeting before the final.

Air New Zealand kicked off the Twitter exchange by posting a digitally altered photo of a Qantas plane painted black suggesting that should Qantas lose, they repaint their entire fleet All Blacks style. Qantas responded with its own digitally altered Air New Zealand jet sporting Qantas colours adding they “think it needs a golden touch”.

Qantas and Air New Zealand planes

Repainted Qantas and Air New Zealand planes

Rugby fans and followers loved this playful exchange, which prompted a more realistic wager:

“How about this? On Monday in the air, your crew wear our jerseys,”

“It’s on! But let’s not leave the pilots out!” Qantas agreed.

Following Australia’s defeat, Qantas posted:

“A bet is a bet. Today we followed through with #AirlineWager and we accepted jerseys from @FlyAirNZ.”

Qantas staff All Blacks tops

Qantas staff in All Blacks jerseys

Great use of social media. Great skills at judging the audience, pitching the level of humour and getting into the Rugby World Cup spirit. Well played Qantas and Air New Zealand! Well played.

Next week: Part 2 of the ‘Great Social Media Campaign’ series where we take a look at Cuckoo’s Bakery’s spooktacular Halloween Facebook efforts.