Part 1: Two examples of great social media campaigns

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Social Success: Always’ “#Like a girl” and Cuckoo’s Bakery’s Halloween Facebook campaigns

Sometimes it takes hours of brainstorming, research and good old fashioned thinking to come up with a successful social media idea for your business and sometimes a great idea just strikes you (often, I find, it’s just as you’re nodding off).

Regardless of whether you’re a social media savant or slow cooker, I thought it would be useful to look at the online social activities of two very different companies and why they are such a success. The first is Procter & Gamble’s Always “Like a Girl” ad and the second is my own little local Edinburgh cupcake shop: Cuckoo’s Bakery. And to make sure these great examples are in easily digestible, bite-sized pieces, I’ll spread them out over two posts.

If you didn’t see Always’ “Like a Girl” ad, it involved a social experiment recruiting real women, men, boys and girls and asking them to show what it physically meant to run and throw like a girl. The results were telling. The girls performed these actions with confidence and pride whilst the other groups could only muster half-hearted attempts. >>Watch the video

The advert made it clear that at a certain point in life, women start to associate self-deprecating and feeble effort with doing things “like a girl”. Always wanted this video to rally people to help change what it means to do something #likeagirl to mean being strong and confident.

Genius idea aside, social media was the vehicle in which this campaign achieved such success. The ad has been viewed almost 60 million times on YouTube, shared more than 56,000 times on Facebook and took Twitter by storm spawning millions of #likeagirl posts (not least from some high profile sports women and teams), accounts dedicated to ‘Like a girl’ successes and even winning the best campaign in the world award.

We all know brands advertise and campaign primarily to drive sales, increase revenues and fatten-up their bottom-line but this almost seems secondary to the global embrace this advert received and the important social issue it decided to tackle. It really captured the its audiences’ imagination and ignited debate and discussion like few campaigns have ever done in modern marketing history.

Its success can be attributed to many things but for me, it’s simple, it’s real, it addresses an important issue that’s relevant to half the world’s population at least and it’s slightly uncomfortable when you think about what your own views are of what it means to be ‘like a girl’.  The ad particularly struck a chord with me because I have a daughter and I want her to grow up in a world where she feels her efforts and achievements are every bit as valid, valuable and effective as anyone else’s and doing anything ‘like a girl’ isn’t associated with below-par performance.

As the campaign was all about a social problem, it’s no coincidence that social media projected it to the heights it achieved. So congrats to Always, a perfect example of executing a social media campaign #likeagirl.

Join us again soon when we discuss Cuckoo Bakery’s Halloween Facebook success!