Do as I say, not as I do. (Or do nothing at all; you’re under no obligation.)

Welcome to Almanac Marketing’s inaugural blog post!

I admit it, I’ve fallen into that marketing trap that’s all too easy to do. And as a marketing consultant, I should really know better.

Last year, when I set-off on my own to launch a marketing consultancy business, I got a little overexcited and set-up my website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn company pages before being really ready. As a result, for the past 12 months, I’ve not really given them the love and attention they deserve.

I find myself meeting with my clients to discuss how to create engaging and relevant content, cringing with the knowledge that I haven’t done so myself. I could put it down to the fact I had a baby a few months ago, only took 4 weeks off work, I am trying to plan a wedding, find a new house (and car) and keep my sanity as well as maintaining the futile search for the 3 or 4 hours sleep I need to remain functional. But that might be a cop-out. If I’m really honest, I suppose I was daunted by the task, as so many small businesses are.

Where do I start? What do I talk about? Once I start I’ll be committed to posting content on a very regular basis. When will I have time to do this? I barely have time to brush my teeth in the morning! No.  Better to delay and focus attention and time on my primary concerns (clients and off-spring) and repost or repurpose other peoples’ great stories and posts.

But enough is enough. If I want to be successful in building a better relationship with potential customers and giving my company a real voice and personality, (as well as improving my website’s searchability, my brand’s profile and all that good stuff) I need to stop procrastinating and get writing.

So here you have it: the Almanac Marketing blog. My mission is threefold: 1) impart some simple marketing tips and tricks I’ve picked up throughout my career that, although simple, can make a huge difference to your business. 2) Take a look at some companies’ marketing campaigns that have been successful and some that haven’t and provide some commentary on why that might be. And finally but most important of all: 3) just have some fun with marketing! I hope to conduct interviews that might uncover some useful insights for your business, share a little bit of marketing humour and try and take something that might be daunting for smaller businesses and make at a little more accessible.